Attorney Profile

Although he was born and raised in New York, attorney Matthew Doyaga has without a doubt made Ohio his home. Since coming to Columbus and opening up The Law Office of Matthew Doyaga, he has helped numerous people get out of debt, stay in their homes, and even stay out of jail.

Born into a family of lawyers, some say Matthew Doyaga was destined to become one. After studying Political Science at Muhlenberg College, Matthew returned home to Long Island, New York to attend Hofstra Law School. However, he knew Long Island was not where his calling was. But when he visited family that lived in Columbus, he knew he had finally found that calling.

Since coming to Columbus, Matthew has approached opening his own Law Office the same way he approaches everything in his life; with dedication, an unwavering drive, and a deep desire to help people.

“That’s why I got into the fields that I practice in,” Matthew Doyaga says. “Because I know through bankruptcy I can help good, working people get out of from under debt’s stronghold. Through foreclosure defense I can help people who have hit a hard time stay in the houses they call home. And with personal injury I can get that injured person the money they need for their healthcare and reimbursed for their loss of work.”

This desire to help people is not the only thing that makes Matthew stand out. “One of the things my clients love about me, is I always answer my own phone. Most lawyers are impossible to get a hold of at a moments notice. I am always a phone call away for my clients.”

Matthew Doyaga picks up his own phone, hold his own consultations, and prepares his own work. Where other lawyers pass off this kind of work to a secretary or paralegal, when you hire Matthew Doyaga, you get only Matthew Doyaga.

If you’re looking for a lawyer that does things differently, give Matthew Doyaga a call.